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White Cream


It's not an acronym.

TMPL,  A Premium Natural Care Line. 

Here’s to the go-getters, hustlers, creatives, and do-ers.  To those who are driven by purpose and gumption. To the ones who understand that in order to achieve success, one must take care of their temple (or as we like to say, TMPL).  


Founded in Detroit, TMPL caters to the individuals who understand that doing their best begins with being their best self. TMPL products are made from the highest quality natural ingredients and have been proven to be reliable and trustworthy by its users. No product has ever been tested on animals and the ingredients are non-toxic. You will not find any added preservatives, sulfates, dyes, or scents that are not derived from the Earth itself. Our products are as pure and authentic as it gets.


Grounded in integrity, TMPL aims not only to earnestly invest in our customers but also the community through the Menternship Program. We are committed to excellence and therefore are committed to you.

Invest in You, Invest in the Future.

15% of all Blaq Balm proceeds will be donated to the

2018 Menternship Program. 

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